Shira Blustein
Owner / General Manager 

Before becoming a restaurateur, Shira was playing music in punk and indie rock bands that toured extensively through Europe and North America.  The transition from music to food was a natural evolution, shifting her creative focus toward fulfilling her long-term dream of a vegetable-forward restaurant that didn't compromise in design, quality, and presentation with an ambitious bar program, Since opening, The Acorn has picked up national awards for excellence, has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post and was deemed one of the best vegetable-forward destinations in the world by CNN and The Daily Meal.

Brian Luptak
Head Chef

Brian Luptak spent ten years making his way across the country cooking in some of the finest hotels and resorts Canada has to offer.  Combining the structure and discipline of larger institutions with the freedom of creativity and experimentation afforded by The Acorn, Luptak has continued to raise the bar for Acorn's innovative dishes with his exceptional palate and discerning eye for detail and presentation.